Hextek offers surface measurements using our own proprietary measuring system, HSP, the Hextek Surface Profiler. Measurements are done with the surface pointed zenith. It is advised that the customer supply the substrate to be measured in the final mounting fixture/configuration to be used. Hextek can design and build a holding fixture if requested. Note that unlike for optical testing based on interferometry, no other special tooling such as custom mirrors, lenses, test plates or holograms are required. Below is a list of features and capabilities for the system.

current envelope size 150 to 1500mm
225 kg (upgradable)
geometries: round, triangular, square, rectangular, asymmetric polygons/shapes

Example Substrate Materials
glass, glass ceramics

Surface Types
finished optics coated / uncoated
diamond turned
specular / non-specular
solid / semi solid / porous
continuous / discontinuous

Overall Surface Configuration
concave / convex
aspheres / complex aspheres
freeform / conformal
• stepped

Available Standard Measurements
surface maps to 15nm RMS
vertex radius of curvature to 0.2%
clear aperture radius of curvature (power) to 0.2%
surface departure from best fit sphere
conic constant of best fit conic
spatial frequencies down to 2mm

Specialized Measurements
adaptive optic systems
print through
mounting fixture effects/displacements
replication mandrel & replicas